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A man standing on a sleigh filled with logs and pulled by two horses through a snow-covered forest path with trees growing around them.

A man stands in the door of a wooden house, resting one hand on the doorframe and looking out. Two steps lead up to the door and a vine grows up the side wall almost reaching to a window. Two lines, possibly clotheslines, are attached to the house…

A strong current of a river white with foam and marked with pencil for better contrast. Large boulders lie around the river and near the shore with some bare trees growing on each side and a hill visible in the background.

A stone bridge with two arches extending across a river. Boulders lie across the river and bare trees grow around it and in the background.

A path among fields divided by wooden fences with some planks standing at angle, supporting them. Some stones serve as foundation for the fence and trees grow along the path.

An in-ground swimming pool filled with water in a backyard of a white stucco house with an attached connection to a second wing. A man stands leaning against a column and a woman sits on a stone bench nearby.

A white pedestal with a sundial on top standing in a garden with flowers growing around it. A wooden decorative fence stands in the middle ground with trees growing behind it.

A fence made up of upturned tree stumps put close together. Some trees grow behind the fence.

A view of a dirt road extending away from the camera and rising slightly in the middle ground before disappearing. A wood fence lines a gentle curve on the left and trees grow on both sides of the road.

An arched entrance to a house with vines growing around the arch and spreading closer to the door. Two white benches stand on each side of the door with a step leading up to them from the ground. Windows and shutters are partly visible on either side…

A field with a dirt road leading up to stone steps with a woman standing on them, facing away from the camera. Before her, in the middle ground, stands a two-story house with an addition on the far side and tall trees growing around it and on the…

A woman sits in a rocking chair facing a second woman sitting on a bench knitting. Two chairs stand one on each side of the duo and an open entrance and windows let in the view of trees and shrubs outside.

A white, two-story house with one-story sunrooms on each side. A short white fence runs across the front with a white staircase leading down a hill towards a path.Some trees grow around the house and vines climb the front wall, near the entrance.

A two-story wooden house with the first floor planks painted white and the second story painted brown. A chair and a stool stand on a step leading up to the open door on the side with a stone wall in front of a one-story addition. Plants grow up the…

A woman stands by a tub resting on a counter by a corner of the house. Three are two large wooden below the counter top. A stove stands in the center of the room, near the camera with some pots resting on it and a cat sitting on the floor nearby.
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