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Dancers performing in the (then) Burnett Gallery as part of music series in 1989.

Jones Library in the background with the stagecoach in the foreground. The stagecoach, owned by the Amherst Historical Society, was stored at the library for many years.

Sue Hugus, a Jones Library employee, at the Adult Circulation Desk. Information on reverse reads, "Amherst Record, Sept. 14, p. 7", "Sue Hugus - Jones Library employee at Adult Circulation Desk", " Article: "Check it out………the Jones Library"

Members of the Garden Club working outside the Jones Library. Slide caption reads "10/7/77 Garden club Bulb planting at Jones Library"

Front of Jones Library with planting work in progress. Slide caption reads, "4/77 Jones Library old planting removed"

The front of Jones Library in the background, with the parking lot across the street in the foreground

John Musante and Bonnie Isman in the Woodbury Room of The Jones Library

Charles Green holding a stone for the Jones Library. The caption on the reverse reads, "Charles R. Green with a stone for Jones Library 1928"

A woman looking at cards in an open card catalog drawer

Many children reading in the Children's Room at Jones Library

Robert Fessenden, a volunteer at Jones Library, stands by a cart of books in the Library hallway. Caption on reverse reads, "Robert Fessenden Volunteer for many years at the library"

Mural done by Steve Hamilton. The mural is of a deer with some trees by a stream. The caption on the back reads, "Mural by Steve Hamilton wall removed in construction, Basement, west 9/21/92"

View of the Jones Library auditorium taken from the back of the room and looking toward the stage showing the piano and the stage curtains.

Color photograph of the Apple Iie, the first public computer in the Jones Library.

View of the busy children's room of the Jones Library when the library was located in the Amherst House hotel.
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