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Amherst House fire.jpg
View of the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets after the fire of December 9, 1926. The ruins of the Amherst House are visible, as well as the east side of the Amherst Cinema building. The Jones Library was operating on the second floor of the…

The Whipple House, which once housed the Jones Library. "Jan 1927" is written on the bottom right of the photo.

The front of Jones Library in the background, with the parking lot across the street in the foreground

Front of Jones Library with planting work in progress. Slide caption reads, "4/77 Jones Library old planting removed"

Members of the Garden Club working outside the Jones Library. Slide caption reads "10/7/77 Garden club Bulb planting at Jones Library"

This photograph shows the front entranceway of the Jones Library. The back of the library (prior to the 1993 renovation) is visible through the archway.

Daily tally board, in the periodical lounge, during the January 1977 inventory of the Jones Library

While the Jones Library was housed at the Amherst House these children enjoyed story hour.

In 2002 the Jones Library completely transferred from the card catalog to a digital system. Cards from the card catalog were signed by authors and illustrators and then sold to raise money for the library. Here patrons are picking out what cards to…

The Burnett Gallery in the 1928 Jones Library before the renovation in the early 1990s.

This is the front hallway of the Jones Library before the renovation in the early 1990s.

Early internet station in the Jones Library Reference Department.

French cooking expert Charlotte Turgeon demonstrates cooking with chocolate.

The whole auditorium at the Jones Library was filled with flowers during this flower show held in 1935. This view shows the portion of the show that filled the stage.
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