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A girl, identified as Nancy Rutter Miles, sits on the steps of a farm house with a dog on the ground at her feet. She has a basket beside her and there is a toy wagon beside the dog.

A boy, possibly Ernest Russell, leaning on the wheel of a wheelbarrow while a dog sits inside it. Behind them is an open barn door with some farm clothes hanging on them and some hay visible inside the barn.

A man and a girl, identified as Chester Johnson and his granddaughter Katherine Johnson, working in the field. She is sitting on a horse looking back at her grandpa who stands at the back of a wagon that is hitched to the horse. Some trees grow…

A woman, possibly Margaret Converse Johnson, dressed in a costume to resemble a Native American stands with a bow and arrow aimed at a target off the photograph. A bare tree stands behind her and a fence divides the yard from a field. A mountain is…

A boy at the edge of the Connecticut River at an old ferry boat landing in high water-spring. Two boys are tied to a tree to his right and he is crouching playing in the water.

A woman, identified as Margaret Johnson, holding onto a door knocker while standing on a large stone step with an elegant baby carriage next to the step.

A woman and a boy, identified as Margaret and Stephen Johnson, stand near a barn. The woman is standing behind a baby carriage while the boy peeks inside. A side wall of a house attached to the barn is visible with a small door open revealing…

A boy, identified as Stephen Johnson, standing in a meadow looking at the camera and holding a bunch of long stemmed wild flowers in his hand. The meadow has trees and weeds growing and Mount Holyoke is faintly visible in the background.

A boy, identified as Stephen Johnson, holding the handle of a pail resting on the ground with a calf tethered in the orchard feeding from the pail. Trees and farm buildings are in the background.

A man, identified as Roger Johnson, stands in water preparing a boat for a voyage on a river. Three boys, the one in the boy identified as Stephen Johnson, sit in the boat with their dog. Three large trees frame the photograph on the left with their…

A man, identified as Roger Johnson, standing at the edge of a road, holding a lon stick and looking down into the gully beside the road. Bare trees grow around the road and a mountain is visible in the background.

Two boys, identified as Charlie and Stephen Johnson, playing at a pile of leaves with one kneeling and the other standing. Trees grow around them, some bare.

A woman and a man, identified as Margaret Converse Johnson and Roger Johnson, riding bicycles on a gravel road. She is ahead of him and looking back while he is looking at the camera. A large elm tree grows on the side of the road in the middleground…

A woman and a man, identified as Margaret Converse Johnson and Roger Johnson, riding bicycles on a gravel road. He is on the ground, having fallen off, with his penny-farthing behind him, and she is next to him on a boneshaker looking down at him.

A man and a boy, identified as Roger and Charlie Johnson, jump over a brook. The man is standing with his feet wide to avoid the water and helping the boy to jump over. Some bare trees grow around them.
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