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A display in a corner of a room with a dark furry creatures on top of stones laid out on the floor with the legs of a man on his knees underneath representing caving. Photographs and posters hang on the walls above.

A young boy, Charlie Johnson, wearing overalls stands beside a cave pillar looking up and holding a flashlight in his right hand.

Roger and Charlie Johnson, both holding flashlights and Roger wearing a headlamp, look at a rock formation in a cave.

Newspaper clipping from unknown newspaper published October 22, 1916. Titled: "An Indian Autobiography: Dr. Eastman Tells of Leaving the Customs of His People to Follow those of the White Man"

Newspaper clipping from The Springfield Union, published September 2, 1923. Titled: "Dr. C. A. Eastman in the Costume of His Native People, the Sioux: Dr. Charles A. Eastman Appointed Inspector in the Indian Service: Full-Blooded Sioux of Amherst and…

Newspaper clipping from the Springfield Union, publish January 11, 1939. Titled: "Dr. C. A. Eastman, Sioux Lecturer and Writer, Dies: Prominent Former Resident of Amherst Once in U.S. Indian Service"

Portrait photograph of Dr. Charles Eastman in traditional dress. Photograph was probably taken by Frank Waugh

Front cover of the pamphlet for Ohiyesa (The Winners): A Camp for Boys, a boys at Granite Lake in New Hampshire, July and August, 1917

Pages 2 and 3 of a pamphlet for Oahe (The Hill of the Vision): A Camp for Girls at Granite Lake in New Hampshire, July and August 1916. Dr. Charles Eastman offers a welcome message and describes his plan for the camp.

Pamphlet advertising Dr. Charles Eastman's School of the Woods At Granite Lake, New Hampshire July 1, 1915 "The Summer Camp with a Difference"

Janet Wilder Dakin with two large dogs. Trees are visible in the background.

View of a middle-aged, smiling Lavinia Dickinson standing outside on the homestead porch holding one of her many cats.

Construction on the addition to The Jones Library in the early 1990's.

Boltwood Historical and Genealogical Room.jpg
The Boltwood Room. Caption on reverse reads, "The Boltwood Room- a genealogical and historical collection, once owned by the Boltwood family."

The exterior of The Jones Library in the 1930s with 3 cars parked outside. Caption on reverse reads, "c. 1932"
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