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John Burroughs sits writing at the desk he made at Slabsides. Caption on reverse reads "A busy day at Slabsides"

A boy stands on a chair drawing holly across the top of the blackboard with chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left hand.

A man dressed in a suit wearing a hat holding flowers stands by a gravestone with flowers and an American flag commemorating the fallen. A white fence stands behind him with a mountain visible in the background.

Two man, identified as Mr. Draydel and Jacque, stand talking by a road junction between Hockanum Road and Fort River Covered Bridge Road. A pole blocks the road to the covered bridge due to flooding. Telegraph poles line the road on the right and a…

A lone figure, all in black, stands with her back to the camera in a cemetery in Hadley, Massachusetts. Some town buildings visible in the background.

Image of two men working with logs in a cove off the Connecticut River. One man is standing upright and holding a long pike pole while the other man is bent over the log and is pulling on the log with a chain and a short pole. These men may be…

A woman wearing a dress and headscarf piles cubes of peat outside her thatch-roofed cottage.

Two boys wearing fake beards sit facing each other pretending they are warming their hands in a fireplace. A jug and a glass stand on a table in front of them.

A woman (identified as a Marsh sister) stands in front of a house holding a bowl of mushrooms (?).

A boy and a girl sit on a bench and play checkers while grandmother looks on.

A garden path, plants and flowers densely populate the photograph and stand taller than the woman in the middle of the photograph, facing left and looking at a plant. A corner of a house visible through the flowers in the background.

Image of a young girl holding a basket facing the camera while standing on a path alongside an Elm-treed street on the right and a house on the left, partly obscured by vegetation.

A house and attached barns seen across a field. Mount Holyoke visible in the background.
A man stands on the dock looking down to the stern of a sailboat with sailors facing him. Across the harbor are many sailboats tied up along the wharves with the village beyond. Caption on back: "Hello there."

A boy hoeing corn in a field, looking down, facing away from the camera. Mt. Holyoke visible in the background.
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