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Book cover of Frost: A Time to Talk; Conversations & Indiscretions Recorded by Robert Francis, which was published in 1972 by the University of Massachusetts Press.

A boy and a girl stand by a door to a house, both looking down. Two windows are visible, both with closed shutters, a basement entrance on the left and a woodshed in the background.

A couple broken pieces of wood with metal bolts sticking out (possibly from a boat) lie in the sand on a beach with a sand bluff rising on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left.

A fence made of wooden poles and wire extends from near the camera on the right with shrubs growing near it and trees growing behind it.

Two boys, identified as Arthur and Roger Johnson, look up a tree, one of them holding a toy gun aiming down the sight.

Fisherman's shack surrounded by lobster pots, wooden barrels, a wheelbarrow, and with houses on the hillside across the harbor. A sign on the shack says: Pratts Cottage Tea Room Gift Shop." Harbor is visible behind with buildings on the far shore.

A house and barn surrounded by flood waters. Some bare trees surround the buildings. The ferry landing road went down the right side of the house to the landing. The house had a central hall on the first floor with a fireplace in the rooms on either…

Two man row in a boat on the flooded land next to the schoolhouse and its outhouse. Trees sprinkled throughout and Mt. Tom visible in the background.

A boy walking away from the camera by a stream in a field. A plank of wood is set across to serve as a bridge in the foreground and two barns stand further away. One smaller wooden building is falling apart.

A cemetery filled with old gravestones. A lonely bare tree stands among the gravestones with its leaves on the ground. Some trees and farm buildings are visible in the distance.

John Burroughs sits writing at the desk he made at Slabsides. Caption on reverse reads "A busy day at Slabsides"

A dirt road surrounded by trees and shrubs on either side of the road turns left and uphill.

A boy leans over digging for clams in the sand with a little ax. A number of clams are next to him near a wicker basket. A brook bends to the right behind him and a house is visible in the midldleground.

A boy stands on a chair drawing holly across the top of the blackboard with chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left hand.

A group of children stands in front of the blackboard dressed in costumes including a long white beard, top hat, and sideburns.
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