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A girl, possibly Edith Barstow, stands in front of the blackboard looking at a math problem. The names Luther Barstow and Oscar Johnson are written in chalk on the top of the blackboard.

Two boys wearing fake beards sit facing each other pretending they are warming their hands in a fireplace. A jug and a glass stand on a table in front of them.

Two boys putting on skates while on frozen pond on the meadow. Some trees and houses, belonging to Edward Johnson and Elliott Johnson, in the middleground and background.

Two boys, one sitting on a couple of cushions reading from a book in his lap while the other boy sits nearby listening. Several flower pots are on a chest in front of the window and some flowers are behind the boys. Two windows on the right have…

In an entrance to a barn a woman holds a young child, both looking down towards an older boy holding a shallow pan feeding a colt. Behind the colt, in a horse stall, is a horse with a feed bag on.

A group of five children facing the camera, stand on by the entrance to a barn watching a crowd of chickens, some white and some matted brown, feeding. A dog walks towards the barn.

A variety of similar envelopes exist from J. L. Lovell’s studio, the Amherst Picture Gallery. An elaborate printed label boasts Lovell’s decades of work in Amherst.


Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

Terrace Home School on South Prospect.jpg
View of the school which came to be called the Terrace Home School on South Prospect Street. It was run for many years by Josephine Herrick and was a school for children with special needs. Instruction was given in instrumental and vocal music,…

Mt Pleasant Hill and Institute.jpg
Looking up Mount Pleasant Hill toward Mount Pleasant Institute. The hill is labeled "Nash Hill" on the photograph.

Lecture Poster.jpg
Broadside advertising a lecture by George W. Mansfield of the Thomson-Houston Electric Company, which merged with Edison General Electric Company in 1892 to become General Electric Company. The lecture was part of the Union Lecture Course.

View looking over pews toward the pulpit in front from the center aisle.

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View of the classroom of Thomas Cushing Esty, a professor of mathematics at Amherst College. Class is in session. Professor Esty taught mathematics at Amherst College from 1895-1901 and 1905-1941.

Construction was completed on this building in 1890 and included an attached shed, glass house, and ornate Victorian greenhouse (later removed). It was designed by Emory A. Ellsworth of Holyoke.

The West Experiment Station was built during the years 1886 and 1887 to provide an area for chemical research. The building was designed by Emory A. Ellsworth of Holyoke,
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