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Atkins Farms Country Market booth at the 2008 Taste of Amherst displaying cider doughnuts, apples and other goods.

Colorful display of locally grown garlic and tomatoes at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market.

Stand at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market which sold produce grown at Sunset Farm in Amherst.

Variety of organic greens for sale at the Full Bloom Market Garden stand at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market.

Blueberries and green apples for sale at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market.

General view of the crowd and stands at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market. Commercial buldings along South Pleasant Street stand in the background.

Colorful selection of flowering plants being sold at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market.

View of Arthur E. Hobart's farmhouse and barns. The brochure states: "The Amherst House is supplied with milk from A. E. Hobart's farm, situated on North Pleasant Street about two miles on main road from Amherst House. Farm comprises 60 acres with 30…

Farm house and barns belonging to Spring Farm, located about three miles from the Amherst House and 1 1/2 miles from the Notch on South Pleasant Street (possibly #466). The brochure states: "The farm comprises 122 acres, a continuous stretch of…

Pasture and herd of cows which belonged to Spring Farm on South Pleasant Street. The farm was run by Harry M. Whitaker.

View of a farm on East Pleasant Street with a large elm tree in the foreground. Written on verso: "Giant elm tree on the Ayer Homestead; W. T. Chapin bought the land and cut the tree."

View of the Kendal barn and barn complex alongside the Superintendent's House.

Insectary of the entomological department of the Hatch Experiment Station, constructed in 1889.

View of the East Experiment Station with an ornate Victorian greenhouse (later removed). The Richardsonian Romanesque structure was designed by architect Emory Ellsworth, and construction was completed in 1890. A wooded hillside is visible in the…

View of the West Experiment Station that was constructed in 1886 and 1887 to provide an area for chemical research. The building was designed by Emory A. Ellsworth of Holyoke.
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