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View of Arthur E. Hobart's farmhouse and barns. The brochure states: "The Amherst House is supplied with milk from A. E. Hobart's farm, situated on North Pleasant Street about two miles on main road from Amherst House. Farm comprises 60 acres with 30…

Meadow being prepared for planting using oxen-drawn cultivator.

Hillside view of the Durfee Plant House, the Botanic Museum, and the land around the two buildings.

Atkins Farms Country Market booth at the 2008 Taste of Amherst displaying cider doughnuts, apples and other goods.

View of several barns located in a field planted with rows of corn on the Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

View of a bee-keeping class posed outside on the grass. There are fruit trees in the background and a large container marked "Cowan's Rapid Extractor" next to the group. Cowan's Rapid Extractor is a device invented in England in 1875 for the quick…

Blueberries and green apples for sale at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market.

View of the wooden walkway and plants inside Durfee Plant House at Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst.

Fall view of the Botanic Museum and Durfee Plant house and partially raked grounds.

Farmhouse and barns on Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

Farmhouse and barns on the Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

General view of the crowd and stands at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market. Commercial buldings along South Pleasant Street stand in the background.

Professor Levi Stockbridge with a class in front of the Durfee Plant House.

General view of the Massachusetts Agricultural College grounds showing a cultivated field containing young plants in the foreground, and campus buildings in the background.

Close-up view of the Durfee Plant House and water fountain and the hill behind.
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