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The horse team of W. D. Cowls rests in front of Frank P. Wood's Hotel and Livery (corner of Amity and North Pleasant Streets) after the Blizzard of 1888, accompanied by a large group of men and boys. A number of such teams were formed to clear the…

This building stood at the corner of Amity and North Pleasant Street. Samuel K. Orr remodeled it as a modern drug store and opened his shop there in 1859. According to the Springfield Republican (October 22, 1864 edition, page 8) William F. Gunn…

View of a house with people, horses, and oxen in the yard. According to a copy of a hand-written note accompanying this photograph, this house was owned by Charles R. Dickinson who later sold it to Enoch Clark. The Ferry family acquired it in 1929.…

View of Phoenix Row on Main Street lined with horses, carriages and wagons. Visible business signs include R. W. Stratton, a drug store, and a fire and life insurance agency. Two dogs stand in the middle of the road.

View of Paige's Livery Stable, next to the Amity Street School, with horses, employees, and the Amherst House stagecoach with driver. This building became the Amherst Theater. Stated in The Village of Amherst, a Landmark of Light, by Frank Prentice …

Pasture and herd of cows which belonged to Spring Farm on South Pleasant Street. The farm was run by Harry M. Whitaker.

View of the horse and cart that was used to deliver goods for the Grange Store in the early 1900s.

View of Thomas W. Smith sitting in a cart holding the reins attached to a horse. Written on back: "Thomas W. Smith as he appeared in the Horribles Section of the parade at the Flag Pole dedication. Picture taken at rear of 31 North Prospect Street.…

Trade card advertising the Amherst business of F. H. Howes, a grocer located in Merchants' Row in the 1880s. The cartoon on the card illustrates Victorian humor.
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