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John Burroughs stands newspaper in hand next to the door of a house. An american flag hangs to his left. Caption on reverse reads "At the backdoor of the 'Nest.' It was in this house that Burroughs lived during his last years."

A woman wearing a dress and headscarf piles cubes of peat outside her thatch-roofed cottage.

This photograph shows cultivated fields with South Congregational Church in the background. A wooden wagon rests before a pile of hay. Caption on back reads, “Charlie Johnson and Mr. Shumway.”

Clifton Johnson's children, Arthur, Roger, and Margaret fly a kite. Arthur is flying the kite, Roger is holding a long stick, watching, and Margaret is pointing to the kite.

A man sprays the grapevines. Caption on reverse reads "New York West Park. Hand sprays the grapevines."

A man repairs a fence, axe in hand. Caption on reverse reads "NY Crown Point Spring- mending the pasture fence."

John Burroughs stands next to a gnarled tree. Caption on reverse reads "an old apple tree that the birds frequented on land adjacent to that owned by Burroughs."

Eliza Burroughs stands outside the homestead with two pails. Caption on reverse reads "Catskills Roxburry Going a-milking. The stones --- on the terrace of the old farm house of John Burroughs.

Eliza Burroughs, wife of Curtis Burroughs stands near a flower garden, a cat at her feet.

Eliza Burroughs, wife of Curtis Burroughs, washes pans and pails in the yard outside her home.

John Burroughs sits by the pond near his home in the Catskills.

John Burroughs stands on a dirt trail holding a basket and thermos. Caption on reverse reads "On the way to Slabsides to spend the night. The gloom in the background is an evergreen thicket."

A teacher stands by a student seated at a desk with two students at the desk in front of her. Caption on reverse reads "New York : A schoolroom corner in the Catskills. John Burroughs studied in one of these desks in boyhood"

Four cows graze in a pasture behind a low stone wall. Hills are seen in the distance. Caption on reverse reads "A catskill region of mountain farms, where John Burroughs was born in 1837."

A log lays over a small brooks waterfall. Caption on reverse reads "New York Catskills A Catskills waterfall and troutbrook that attracted Burroughs to them In his youth."
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