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A boy stands on a chair drawing holly across the top of the blackboard with chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left hand.

A group of children stands in front of the blackboard dressed in costumes including a long white beard, top hat, and sideburns.

Students and their teacher stand in front of the schoolhouse for a photograph. The students are identified as: Lillian TreadwellNorman Barstow, Peggy Lyman, Warren Johnson, Eleanor Johnson, Henry Drozdol(?), Dotty Barstow, Dick Thyer, Nelson Barstow.

A woman wearing a dress and headscarf piles cubes of peat outside her thatch-roofed cottage.

Two boys wearing fake beards sit facing each other pretending they are warming their hands in a fireplace. A jug and a glass stand on a table in front of them.

A group of children playing (cricket?) in the field by the school house. Mount Tom visible in the background.

A group of children play tag around a large tree.

A house and attached barns seen across a field. Mount Holyoke visible in the background.

View down the length of the covered bridge. A man, possibly Richard Johnson, stands, leaning an arm against one corner looking over at the stream below. A sign over the bridge is a warning about a six ton weight limit and anyone crossing the bridge…

A boy stands with his arm stretched out to the side holding a book as punishment. Two other boys sit reading in their seats. Two windows let light in, a clock and a couple illustrations hang on the wall.

A log lays over a small brooks waterfall. Caption on reverse reads "New York Catskills A Catskills waterfall and troutbrook that attracted Burroughs to them In his youth."

A tall boy, dressed in a long white beard and animal skin coat stands in between two shorter boys in front of the blackboard. A pile of clothes and two sacks are scattered on the floor around them.

Three children, each wrapped in a sheet and white masks, standing in front of the blackboard.

A teacher stands by a student seated at a desk with two students at the desk in front of her. Caption on reverse reads "New York : A schoolroom corner in the Catskills. John Burroughs studied in one of these desks in boyhood"

A figure stands in a field, with two crates in their hands. Caption on reverse reads "a swamp no more."
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