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A boy stands on a chair drawing holly across the top of the blackboard with chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left hand.

Students and their teacher stand in front of the schoolhouse for a photograph. The students are identified as: Lillian TreadwellNorman Barstow, Peggy Lyman, Warren Johnson, Eleanor Johnson, Henry Drozdol(?), Dotty Barstow, Dick Thyer, Nelson Barstow.

Two boys wearing fake beards sit facing each other pretending they are warming their hands in a fireplace. A jug and a glass stand on a table in front of them.

A group of children playing (cricket?) in the field by the school house. Mount Tom visible in the background.

A group of children play tag around a large tree.

A house and attached barns seen across a field. Mount Holyoke visible in the background.

View down the length of the covered bridge. A man, possibly Richard Johnson, stands, leaning an arm against one corner looking over at the stream below. A sign over the bridge is a warning about a six ton weight limit and anyone crossing the bridge…

A boy stands with his arm stretched out to the side holding a book as punishment. Two other boys sit reading in their seats. Two windows let light in, a clock and a couple illustrations hang on the wall.

Three children, each wrapped in a sheet and white masks, standing in front of the blackboard.

A boy walks towards the camera on a dry road looking down kicking up dust. A hat covers his face. A house and some trees visible on the right.

A tree trunk in the center foreground dominates the image. Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke with its covered tramway to the summit house in the background. A man man stands by a boat, pulled up to the shore, at the ferry boat landing.

A group of children including Eleanor Johnson, Norman Barstow and Peggy Lyman, hold hands around a tree. Two children stand on the side with the teacher, they are Richard Thayer, Warren Johnson and Miss Lawrence.

Margaret Johnson, Clifton Johnson's daughter, standing at the steps of the double door to the brick schoolhouse, carrying a book and her lunch pail. She is in period dress wearing a bonnet.

Santa Claus, dressed in a white beard, a hat and an animal skin coat captured by two boys, one leaning over him, the other crouching in front. A dresser and a chair stand behind them, in front of the blackboard, with a pile of clothes on the floor to…

Roger Johnson house in the middleground. A corn field takes up the whole foreground, some trees on the edges of the photograph, the Mayor Parker house visible in the distance with Mount Holyoke in the background.
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