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Lithograph of the Dickinson Homestead on Main Street shortly after the Homestead was reacquired by Edward Dickinson.

The Fiske/Cutler house was located at the corner of North Pleasant Street and Cowles Lane. The house was razed for the construction of St. Brigid's Church.

Kellogg House.jpg
Kellogg House on the corner of North Pleasant Street and Kellogg Avenue, which is the site of the present Post Office. It was owned by William Kellogg who owned the Kellogg Block that burned in 1923. Written on back: "Sign on house says Dr. Barrett.…

A view of a house in the middleground, partly obscured by a large tree on the right side and bushes in front of the house. A second, even larger tree stands behind the house. The scene is reflected in water in the foreground.

A farmer, identified as Eliot Johnson, on a mowing machine pulled by a couple horses across the road from a farmhouse, identified as belonging to Oscar Johnson. A couple large trees adorn the image on either side with Mount Holyoke in the background.

Flood surrounded barn and the flooded Connecticut river seen from a field. A house nearer the camera is just high enough not to be flooded. Normal banks of the Connecticut river are usually delineated by the two rows of trees just to the right of the…

A couple sitting on the porch of their house situated on the foothill of Mount Holyoke.

Two women sit on the step of the Parker house enjoying a conversation. The house has a porch on the left and a chimney on the right. There are three windows on the second floor, all open, and two windows on the first floor. An awning extends over the…

View of the Alpha Delta Phi house, contructed in 1890 on the north corner of Pleasant and Sellen Streets, with the old chapter house (the Sellon house) visible behind it. The materials used in construction were Elyria sandstone, pressed brick, and…

This building, originally the residence of the first president of Amherst College, was erected on the south corner of Pleasant and Sellen Streets. It was purchased by the fraternity in 1879 and was sold in 1912, after the construction of the new…

This house, on Oak Grove Hill, which leads over Lessey Street, was purchased by Delta Kappa Epsilon after a disastrous fire in their room in Cook's Block in 1881. The chapter remained here until they had a new house built in 1914.

View of the Amherst College Delta Upsilon house on South Pleasant Street, purchased by the fraternity in 1882. The fraternity had a new house constructed in a different location in 1915, and Amherst College bought the property in 1917. The house was…

View of the Amherst College Chi Psi house located on the corner of Northampton Road and South Prospect Street. This house was razed in 1922 for the construction of the new chapter house.

This house was located on the north corner of College Street and Boltwood Avenue, and was purchased by the fraternity in 1886. It was demolished in 1914 to make way for the new Beta Theta Pi house. This chapter of the fraternity was the outgrowth of…

This house on College Street was the first Chi Phi fraternity house in Amherst. The fraternity's second house was constructed in 1917.
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