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Aerial view from Amherst College showing Woodside Avenue and Northampton Road and the houses in those areas.

Photograph taken from Johnson Chapel tower showing houses and barns along South Pleasant Street and beyond.

Photograph taken from Johnson Chapel tower showing houses along South Pleasant Street and beyond.

Photograph taken from Johnson Chapel tower showing houses along South Pleasant Street and beyond.

Photograph taken from Johnson Chapel tower showing the observatory and a view of South Pleasant Street and Northampton Road area. The Morse house is on the left.

View of the Alpha Delta Phi house, contructed in 1890 on the north corner of Pleasant and Sellen Streets, with the old chapter house (the Sellon house) visible behind it. The materials used in construction were Elyria sandstone, pressed brick, and…

View across a fenced field in the Woodside Avenue area. Scene looks over South Pleasant Street to College Hill and shows area houses.

View west down Amity Street from the corner after the Blizzard of 1888 showing Frank P. Wood's Hotel and the houses on the right side where the Jones Library now sits. Large drifts of snow line the street.

Aerial view of the Mill Lane looking north toward Amherst College and showing fields, livestock, gardens, houses, barns, etc. The Gaylord/Simeon Clark house (later the Lyman Thompson house) is in the foreground; and the Grist Mill is on the left.…

Area view of Montague Road in North Amherst. The building on the right is a sawmill once located on Eastman pond. It was first owned by Ansel Marshall, and later by Levi Dickinson. The first house on the left was the property of the Eastman family;…

This house was located on the north corner of College Street and Boltwood Avenue, and was purchased by the fraternity in 1886. It was demolished in 1914 to make way for the new Beta Theta Pi house. This chapter of the fraternity was the outgrowth of…

This house was built by Samuel Boltwood around 1728. Several different families owned the property over the years until 1864 when the farm was purchased for the Massachusetts Agricultural College. Levi Stockbridge lived in this house beginning in…

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House on Sunset Avenue built by Edward W. Carpenter (foreground) with a view of the adjacent house in the background.

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This house on College Street was the first Chi Phi fraternity house in Amherst. The fraternity's second house was constructed in 1917.

View of the Amherst College Chi Psi house located on the corner of Northampton Road and South Prospect Street. This house was razed in 1922 for the construction of the new chapter house.
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