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A tree trunk in the center foreground dominates the image. Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke with its covered tramway to the summit house in the background. A man man stands by a boat, pulled up to the shore, at the ferry boat landing.

View of the grove of oak trees with Amherst College buildings visible in the background.

Benches and the shade of a large tree on top of Mount Pollux.

This is the elm tree on the lot opposite the Ray Stannard Baker house on Sunset Avenue in Amherst. He purchased the meadow in order to save the tree. About the elm he wrote, "It is content. It does not weep with remorse over its past, nor tremble for…

Walkway leading through an arch of trees.

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View of the Echo Hill South pond surrounded by trees in fall color.

View of a farm on East Pleasant Street with a large elm tree in the foreground. Written on verso: "Giant elm tree on the Ayer Homestead; W. T. Chapin bought the land and cut the tree."

This photograph was taken with the tree in full foliage. Written on verso: "This elm tree stands in the yard of Elijah Ayers, East Pleasant St.; it was cut down the last of the 19th century; Ayers bought the old Whiting place in 1865 (torn down…

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Flood surrounded barn and the flooded Connecticut river seen from a field. A house nearer the camera is just high enough not to be flooded. Normal banks of the Connecticut river are usually delineated by the two rows of trees just to the right of the…

View of a grand old elm with no foliage near a farm with barns on East Pleasant Street.

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This is an area view looking north up North Pleasant Street with an emphasis on the left, residential, side of the street. There is a sign for a stove and tin shop visible on the right and a wagon parked in the road.

This image shows a tree-lined rural road with a horse and a couple of wagons on it.


Looking up at the two trees at the top of Mount Pollux.

Stately elms without foliage line the dirt street. There are houses on the left and a horse and wagon parked in front of the shop of Lee and Phillips. Frederick H. Hitchcock writes, in The Handbook of Amherst, "That portion of Pleasant Street which…
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