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Book titled 'The Art of Good Behaviour and Letter Writer on Love, Courtship, and Marriage: A complete Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen, particularly those who have not enjoyed the advantages of fashionable life. Containing directions for giving and…

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Book titled 'The Pocket Letter Writer embracing practical illustrations of Epistolary correspondence'

Letter from Joseph Stoddard Lathrop to Abigail Pomeroy's father

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Letter from Abigail Pomeroy to Joseph Stoddard Lathrop, May 24th 1838

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A Valentines card reading "a message to my Valentine / I'm grandly dressed, as you can see / and doubtless you agree with me / I cut a figure in good style / Therefore it may be worth your while" with a drawing of a young girl and boy in fine…

Letter written from Frederic Augustus Ferdinand Fitz Clarence Bonaparte Hobbs to Fanny Gridley professing his love on July 2nd 1840

Envelope and letter written from Anne Bullard of Amherst, Massachusetts to Daniel Norton of Suffield, Connecticut rejecting his proposal. Letter is dated March 7th 1859 and envelope is postmarked March 8th 1859.

Letter from David Wing to Hannah Davis, Montpelier, proposing marriage in 1791

Valentine's Day card sent by Hazel Goodale Bullock when she was a young girl (1910-1914). The card has the words "To my valentine" at the top and has a picture of a red heart with a young girl holding a gift and cards. At the bottom it reads "if I…

Photograph taken at Robert Frost's home in Amherst of five poets (from left to right): Joseph Auslander, Robert Frost, Audrey Wurdemann, David Morton, and Robert Francis.

Photograph of poet Robert Francis in a suit and jacket, wearing a tie

Photograph of a hillside in Lebanon (possibly Beirut) taken by Robert Francis. Scene shows many buildings and mountains in the background, but no people are visible.

Photograph of Pigeons' Rock (also known as the Rock of Raouché) taken by Robert Francis while he was in Lebanon teaching for a year.

Photograph taken by Robert Francis of a group of children dressed in costume. The caption on the reverse states, "Play given by orphans at Hilltop orphanage, Sidon."
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