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A figure stands in a field, with two crates in their hands. Caption on reverse reads "a swamp no more."

A log lays over a small brooks waterfall. Caption on reverse reads "New York Catskills A Catskills waterfall and troutbrook that attracted Burroughs to them In his youth."

Four cows graze in a pasture behind a low stone wall. Hills are seen in the distance. Caption on reverse reads "A catskill region of mountain farms, where John Burroughs was born in 1837."

A teacher stands by a student seated at a desk with two students at the desk in front of her. Caption on reverse reads "New York : A schoolroom corner in the Catskills. John Burroughs studied in one of these desks in boyhood"

grayson_denver imposter_cropped_page1.jpg
news Clipping about David Grayson's Denver Imposter

Newspaper clipping titled Baker, Unmasking, Says: "Behold! David Grayson"

Picture of Ray Stannard Baker working at his desk in the Jones Library in 1941

Picture of Ray Stannard Baker, Charles Green and Harris in front of the Jones Library in 1935

April 12, 1916 fan letter to Ray Stannard Baker/ David Grayson

Letter to Ray Stannard Baker from a David Grayson fan dated March 27, 1916

Letter from a fan asking if David Grayson was also Ray Stannard Baker, dated October 4, 1915

Letter from miss. Benyl A. Steele to David Grayson on Novemebr 14, 1915

Letter from Everett R. Perry, librarian at the los Angeles Public Library to David Grayson dated December 17, 1915

Letter from George C. Baldwin to David Grayson addressed 'David" dated Aprl 27, 1916

Letter from Issac L. Patterson from Salem Oregon to David Grayson addressed "Dear Friend" and dated December 16, 1915
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