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Robert Francis on his philosophy of eating.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses his four point policy, or philosophy, with regards to eating and food.

Robert Francis on the praying mantis.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses his fascination with and study of the praying mantis. Includes an anecdote about Robert Frost visiting Francis and remarking that the praying mantis shows "so clearly what it is in nature that you don't like."

Image of a woman working alone in an attic on a large loom in the bright daylight from the large window beside her.

Image of a man sitting on the seat of a shingle-making bench, a mallet and a splitting tool on the floor beside him. Wood shavings lay scattered about. Other items in the room include a barrel and a stool with a finished shingle lying on top.

View of the interior of a working sawmill. One man is operating the saw, which is in the process of cutting a wide board from a large log. Another man stands observing the work. Two young boys stand watching from outside the opening of the mill. The…

Image of a man and a boy husking corn in a field with corn shocks standing upright around them.

View is of an unusual stone and rail fence bordering a grassy field along an old country road. The rails are built atop a low stone wall with more stones resting above, holding the rails in place.

View of two men planing a long length of wood in a shipyard, preparing it to become the mast of a ship. Large slips of wood shavings litter the ground all around. The harbor and surrounding buildings are visible in the background.

View of a group of men and teenage boys processing fish in a small square. Piles of fish are laid out on tables. One man appears to be scraping the fish while a boy waits with a long-handled spoon, ready to pour something over the fish. The are…

Image of a gristmill as seen from the opposite side of the mill pond with a clear reflection of the mill in the pond. Two men lean against the open doorway of the mill. The caption on the back of the photograph reads, "Mill Valley Gristmill on Fort…

Image shows a group of women at work sorting rags in the rag room of a paper-making company. The rags are piled in large baskets beside each woman. All the women are wearing hats or bonnets of some type and are working in the bright light coming…

View of two large horses hooked up to a disc harrow outside a large barn. Two young children stand nearby, one of them holding the reins of the horses. A large pile of firewood rests next to another outbuilding in the background.

Image shows the Hockanum Ferry having just landed on the Northampton side of the Connecticut River after transporting a horse-drawn wagon filled with a large load of hay. Sitting atop the hay, according to the inscription on the back of the…

View shows the Cummington Cattle Show and a rolling landscape filled with horse-drawn carts and carriages parked in a circle to create an exhibition space. In the background is a large farmhouse with small tents set up to the side and people watching…

Image of three people on hands and knees (could be mother, father, and son) picking cranberries in a drained cranberry bog. Rows are marked with string. The older man is using a cranberry scoop and containers are placed on the ground nearby.
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