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View of the Lothrop house, later the Phi Delta Theta house, corner Boltwood and College Ave.

Portrait of John L. Lovell taken at his Amherst Picture Gallery.

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Eight-page newspaper published once by J.L. Lovell, Amherst resident and photographer. The newspaper includes miscellaneous advertisements alongside stories and articles about the new photographic technologies being practiced in Amherst.


The small double-sided card advertises J.L. Lovell’s Amherst Picture Gallery, and offers $2.00 off photographic processes and prints. These cards would have encouraged residents of Amherst to have their photo taken by Lovell in his downtown studio.

J.L. Lovell’s home, on North Prospect Street, still stands. It is easily recognizable by its rounded dormer windows, in a Gothic Cottage style relatively rare to Amherst. A similar image, also captured by Lovell himself, exists in stereoscopic…

A variety of similar envelopes exist from J.L. Lovell’s studio, the Amherst Picture Gallery. An elaborate printed label boasts Lovell’s decades of work in Amherst.


Clipping from the Hampshire and Franklin Express describing the Civil War deaths of men from Amherst including a mention of Frazar Stearns, the son of the President of Amherst College.

Poem written in honor of Frazar Stearns after his death at the battle of Newbern. The poem was published on the first page of the Hampshire and Franklin Express, the local newspaper.

Portrait of Frazar Stearns shortly before he was killed in the battle of Newbern. The photograph was for his parents (Amherst College President William A. Stearns and Rebecca Alden Frazar Stearns) as the signature underneath reads, "Your affec. son,…

Photograph of the Dickinson Homestead.

Interpretive drawing of Emily Dickinson done in pen, ink, and ink wash by local artist Scott Prior.

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Newspaper article glued to a scrapbook page. The article describes the history of the relationship of Sir Chentung Liang Cheng to the town and the people of Amherst. Cheng came to the United States about 1875 (at the age of 12) as part of the Chinese…

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Photograph and newspaper article detailing the history of the old Kellogg house on North East Street, the house that became the first long term post office in Amherst. The story includes interesting tidbits including a description of the murals that…

Address by Amherst native, and United States Attorney General, Harlan Fiske Stone to the League of Republican Women in Washington, D.C. The topic of the talk is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
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