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Two boys, one sitting on a couple of cushions reading from a book in his lap while the other boy sits nearby listening. Several flower pots are on a chest in front of the window and some flowers are behind the boys. Two windows on the right have…

In an entrance to a barn a woman holds a young child, both looking down towards an older boy holding a shallow pan feeding a colt. Behind the colt, in a horse stall, is a horse with a feed bag on.

A group of five children facing the camera, stand on by the entrance to a barn watching a crowd of chickens, some white and some matted brown, feeding. A dog walks towards the barn.

Two children, one standing on the ice holding the rope of the sled behind, the other sitting on the sled on the shore beside a frozen cave and some bare trees. A barn and other farm buildings visible in the distance.

Sheep and a farm boy face away from the camera on a upland pasture that outlooks the Connecticut river and distant mountains.

A boy walks towards the camera on a dry road looking down kicking up dust. A hat covers his face. A house and some trees visible on the right.

Image of three boys on the side of the new road up the hill. The old road off to the left goes through "Pass of Thermopolae" and by "Titan's Pier" then rejoins the new road around the hill. Mount Tom is in the background. Utility poles on both sides…

A road leading up to the Johnson place. A barn stands in the field on the left, separated from the road by a fence. A woodpile stands by the road. A house and farm buildings visible in the middleground with the Connecticut river partly visible on the…

A man stands on the left of the photograph leaning on a tree root by the shore of Connecticut river looking out. A cliff looms over the river to the left of the man.

Two women sit on the step of the Parker house enjoying a conversation. The house has a porch on the left and a chimney on the right. There are three windows on the second floor, all open, and two windows on the first floor. An awning extends over the…

A view of Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke from the Northampton side. A man stands by a boat on the ferry landing looking across.Some farm buildings and the tramway to the Summit House visible on the Hockanum shore.

A couple sitting on the porch of their house situated on the foothill of Mount Holyoke.

Image of Mrs. Parker, wife of Holyoke mayor, sitting on a stone wall holding a basket at a break in the wall with woods behind her.

A tree trunk in the center foreground dominates the image. Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke with its covered tramway to the summit house in the background. A man man stands by a boat, pulled up to the shore, at the ferry boat landing.

A series of barns behind a small rise in the ground. A large tree stands behind the buildings with Mount Holyoke in the background.
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