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A woman, identified as Jeanette Johnson (Clifton Johnson's mother) feeding chickens while a boy watches. A side of a barn is visible on the left with Mt. Holyoke in the background.

A boy, identified as Ernest Russell, pulling a small wagon with a pumpkin and a toddler, identified as Grace Russell, inside. A woman stands on the right, partly out of the shot, looking at the camera. A wooden fence is behind the wagon with a part…

A boy, identified as Oscar Johnson, uses a long rod to beat the dust out of a carpet in the yard. A house, partly obscured by the hanging carpet, is behind it and some trees are visible on the left.

A girl, identified as Hettie Johnson, working at a butter churn in a parlor. Opposite her is a chair with a crock on the seat. There is a picture on the wall with ferns surrounding it.

A girl, identified as Hettie Johnson, pouring sap into a tray to boil down. A boy, identified as Oscar Johnson is kneeling down tending the fire. They are in a backyard, next to a tree with a shovel and a broom resting against it. A barn is visible…

A girl kneeling down in front of a trough with a cow feeding from it. Some trees and a house is in the middle ground and background.

A girl holding a pail helping a younger boy drink from it. There is a fence behind them and a barn with a wagon in front of its open doors in the background. A part of another building is visible on the right. A tree stands by the children and…

A boy standing looking at the oxcart and its rustic railings. Some trees and bushes grow behind the cart and a house is partly visible in the background.

Two men, identified as grandpa Lyman and Henry Johnson, in a ferry row boat landing on the ice covered Hockanum shore. One man is jumping off the boat and the other sits in the back of the boat holding an oar.

A man riding a penny-farthing. A planted field and trees are behind him with a mountain visible in the background.

A man about to mount a high wheel bicycle with planted fields beyond.

A young girl standsing next to a dog, with a toddler sitting at her feet. The children are identified as Nancy Johnson Rutter and William Frederick Rutter

A family standing in front of their homestead. A man stands alone with a woman standing a few feet to the right holding her hands on a girl's shoulders. The two-story house has steps leading up to the porch with a couple chairs flanking an open door.…

A girl, identified as Nettie Louise Johnson, looking at a turkey with its tail all spread out looking back at her. A chicken struts behind the turkey and a wooden fence and a bush are visible on the left.

A girl, identified as Nettie Louise Johnson, holding out a handful of food to entice a turkey to come closer. Four chickens are behind the turkey. A wooden fence and some bushes are on the left.
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