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A man standing by a horse, patting it on the side, while it drinks water from a trough. A side of a wooden building is visible on the right with tall trees growing behind. The ground is covered in snow.

Two men, one smoking a pipe, hold a saw and cut a log into pieces. The ground is covered in snow around them and woods grow in the background.

A view of a large wooden snow covered building with large icicles hanging off its side. A man is visible in the center, swinging an axe. A small wooden shed stands on the left with some logs behind it. A ladder rests against the roof and trees…

Two men looking at a fire burning on a stone table near a vent in a smith shop. An anvil stands on a tree stump behind them with a hammer resting on it and a larger hammer standing near the foreground. Other tools hang on hooks on a wall.

A woman and a boy lean over a lamb feeding it in front of a stone house with stones piled up on the left. Two pails, one larger, and one smaller rest on the ground next to a bowl and a goose stands on the left.

Men and boys stand on two fishing boats, working while other boats are out on the water in the middle ground and a hill rises in the background on the left.

Two women stand facing each other on a dirt path. Stone walls run along the road on each side towards a house on a hill in the middle ground and trees grow around the house in the background.

A view of a raging stream with trees and grasses growing on the side. Hills rise in the background.

A passenger carriage pulled by four horses riding on a dirt road. Well dressed women and men ride on top of the carriage, two with parasols. Hills are in the background.

Ruins of a tower and a part of a wall standing on an island with some short, half-bare trees in the foreground. Water can be seen on the left with the far shore visible in the background.

A man stands next to a road, partially on a pile of stones, striking them with a hammer. Larger stones are in front of him and his jacket rests on the stones to the left.

A woman and a man walk along a road, both carrying wicker baskets on their backs. Some hills are hazily visible in the background.

A man stands between two horses in the middle of a road. They each carry two wicker baskets on their backs, one on each side and each eats the grass on the side of the road.

A kettle hangs on hooks from the roof over a fire on the floor. A wooden stool stands near a wood wall while two large fish carcasses hang from the ceiling above it.

A woman and a man sit in a field, resting. The woman is petting a dog sitting next to her and looking at the man who is looking back at her.
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