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View of the Amherst College Chi Psi lodge on Northampton Road, built by the fraternity in 1885.

View of a section of the Beers' 1873 Hampshire County atlas showing Amherst town center area, including residences and landownership, businesses, cemeteries, schools, and railroads.

Display of flying vehicles over Pratt Field during a baseball game, which includes zeppelins, hot air balloons, and early airplanes. The caption on the photograph reads, "High times on Pratt Field. Cheer for old Amherst."

A letter from Amherst College student Abel Packard, to sister Lucy, about Fourth of July activities around Amherst, and other details about life as a student at the college.

Full title: A map of Amherst. With a view of the College and Mount Pleasant Institution. By Alonzo Gray & Charles B. Adams. Amherst College, May 1833. Pendleton's Lithography, Boston.

Pendleton's Lithography published many Massachusetts town plans…

Looking north from Johnson Chapel tower toward center of town and showing College Hall, Morgan Library, and the Amherst College President's House, as well as the south end of the Town Common.

View of Morgan Library on South Pleasant Street in Amherst. The Library was constructed in the years 1852-53 by Henry A. Sykes of Springfield who was the architect and the contractor. The building was dedicated November 22, 1853.

General campus view showing College Row and Lawrence Observatory.

This is the second incarnation of Walker Hall, built after the first building was gutted by fire in 1882. This building was torn down to clear the site for the construction of the Robert Frost Library at Amherst College.

The building seen in the foreground is the second incarnation of Walker Hall, which was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the first building in 1882. This building was torn down to clear the site for the construction of the Robert Frost Library at…

Exterior view of the Amherst College church. Built in the 1870s, the church was razed in 1948 to make room for the Mead Art Gallery.

View of Johnson Chapel and North and South dormitories and the walkway in front.

Three scenes described as south view of the campus in winter, Stearns Church, and North College and Johnson Chapel.

View of the Amherst Town Hall and the Amherst College Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house.
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