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Portrait of Ray Stannard Baker, American author, who also wrote under the pen name of David Grayson.

Ray Stannard Baker harvesting apples (or quince) from one of the fruit trees on his property in Amherst.

This is the elm tree on the lot opposite the Ray Stannard Baker house on Sunset Avenue in Amherst. He purchased the meadow in order to save the tree. About the elm he wrote, "It is content. It does not weep with remorse over its past, nor tremble for…

Nick Grabbe waits for the program to begin.jpg
Nicke Grabbe gives a speech during the March 12, 2016 event titled 'David Grayson Revealed'

audience voting during to tell the truth.JPG
Images from the 'To Tell the Truth' portion of the 'David Grayson Revealed' event on March 12, 2016 at the Jones Library Special Collections. Kyle Boyd is portraying Ida Tarbell, Jonathan Tucker is portraying Ray Stannard Baker, and Matt Berube is…

A picture of a David Grayson imposter from Indiana in October 1933.

Photograph of a David Grayson imposter in Cedar Grove, Indiana in October 1933

Will the real David Grayson please stand up.jpg
Two pictures of David Grayson imposters from 1933 and the real David Grayson

Ray Stannard Baker stands in front of a tree, probably in his backyard. He holds clippers in one hand and his hat in the other.

"David Grayson" owns up newspaper clipping regarding the reveal of Ray Stannard Baker as David Grayson dated March 1, 1916

David Grayson's message to the Graysonians.jpg
Message to the Graysonians from David Grayson

Are you a Graysonian Page 2 resized.jpg
Flyer titled 'Are you a Graysonian?' distributed by the Graysonian Club

Letter from Issac L. Patterson from Salem Oregon to David Grayson addressed "Dear Friend" and dated December 16, 1915

Letter from George C. Baldwin to David Grayson addressed 'David" dated April 27, 1916

Letter from Everett R. Perry, librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library to David Grayson dated December 17, 1915
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