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Item cj2146.jpg March
Item cj0340.jpg Old country road to Hadley
Item cj2186.jpg A traveler on the dusty highway
Item cj0346.jpg Strolling down the old country road to Hadley
Exhibit Page Later Years
Item cj2174.jpg Planting in the field
Item cj2181.jpg Holyoke Mayor Parker and Mrs. Parker
Item cj2124.jpg Road after a rain shower
Item cj2438b.jpg South Hadley Falls
Item cj2192a.jpg The skaters
Item cj2168.jpg Flooded farms
Item cj0363.jpg Mastering the difficult art of getting on without a tumble
Item cj2017.jpg Bishop Huntington birthplace
Item cj2066b.jpg The North Hadley mill pond
Item cj0364.jpg An old-time bicycle