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Item cj2003.jpg The old Hadley Church on Rt. 9
Item cj2112b.jpg Have you fed the pigs?
Item cj2029a_resized.jpg "Home Sweet Home"
Item cj2189.jpg The hungry hens
Item cj2202a.jpg Multiplication is vexation
Item cj2026b.jpg Old Hadley Cemetery
Item cj2190a.jpg The two families
Item cj2141b.jpg Squash prospects
Item cj2140.jpg The flooded meadow
Item cj0283.jpg Ready to go to school
Item cj0229.jpg Doorstep friends
Item cj2187.jpg In the sheep pasture
Item lov0470.jpg House on Middle Street in Hadley
Item cj2035a.jpg Blacksmith at work
Item cj2053.jpg Flood of November 1927 on West Street