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Item cj2114.jpg Docks
Item cj2129.jpg Elderly woman knitting in Hadley
Item cj2070.jpg A meadow and barns
Item cj2172.jpg A man by the Old Bridge
Item cj2021.jpg In her own corner of the garden
Item cj2115.jpg A boat ride
Item cj2119.jpg A Shagbark walnut tree
Item cj2051.jpg An old-timer at the stable door
Item cj2148.jpg Mowing
Item cj2127.jpg A hired boy hoeing corn
Item cj0232.jpg The chickens
Item cj0341.jpg Hadley's lower reservoir
Item cj2065.jpg Boys, dogs, and an old time tavern
Item cj2203.jpg The school at work
Item cj2165.jpg Cornfield by the Roger Johnson house