Clifton Johnson Collection


Clifton Johnson Collection


Clifton Johnson (1865-1940) of Hadley, Massachusetts was an accomplished literary figure with some 125 published books and countless magazine and newspaper articles to his credit. A friend of William Dean Howells and John Burroughs, he was an acquaintance of many other late 19th and early 20th century authors and editors. Johnson was a self-styled folklorist, an illustrator, photographer, author, and editor.

Collection Items

Cover of The Isle of the Shamrock
Cover of a travel book of Ireland titled The Isle of the Shamrock

April at Slabsides with John Burroughs
John Burroughs stands at the edge of a field with a house in the background. Caption on reverse reads "April at Slabsides when the swamp had been much subdued, and orderly cultivation had started."

Man riding horse illustration
Pen and ink illustration of a man riding a horse in the country side, blowing a horn.

Puck magazine, elephant fishing
A drawing of an elephant sitting on the ground and leaning against a rock, fishing with eyes closed. A number of birds sit on the fishing pole looking towards the hook in the water and a number of other birds flying towards the elephant. Worms escapeā€¦

Objects candle wick trimmer
A candle wick trimmer sits on a tray.

John Burroughs stops to ask for directions
John Burroughs stands speaking to a woman in a dorrway. Caption on reverse reads "Burroughs, on a Catskills walking trip, stops at a farmhouse to ask directions."

The Wittenberg from Woodland Valley (Catskills, New York)
View of the Wittenberg Mountains in the background and a cow in a pasture with a stone wall, wood fence, and house in foreground. Caption on reverse states, "New York | Catskills The Wittenberg from Woodland Valley"

John Burroughs at his old desk in the West Settlement Schoolhouse, Roxbury
John Burroughs sits at his old desk at the West Settlement schoolhouse while a group of schoolgirls stand facing him

John Burroughs burial place beside "boyhood rock"
John Burroughs burial place with Anna Tweed McQueston Johnson (Clifton Johnson's wife) standing on hillside. Caption on reverse reads "John Burroughs burial place beside 'boyhood rock'"

Catskills Roxbury sugar house
A small wooden shack sits among the trees. Caption on reverse "New York Catskills Roxbury sugarhouse at the edge of the Burroughs sap-bush."

John Burroughs packing grapes
John Burroughs at Riverby packing grapes into wooden crates. Caption on reverse reads "He was an official fruit farmer, and here he is getting grapes ready for the city markets.

A busy day at Slabsides
John Burroughs sits writing at the desk he made at Slabsides. Caption on reverse reads "A busy day at Slabsides"

John Burroughs at the desk he made himself
John Burroughs sits writing at his desk. Caption on reverse reads "The desk that Burroughs himself made from crooked sticks gathered in the wilderness."

John Burroughs by a flowering bush at the margins of Slabsides Swamp
John Burroughs stands by a flowering bush next to a large rock formation. Caption on reverse reads "A flowering bush at the margin of Slabsides Swamp."

John Burroughs Roxbury
John Burroughs stands outside on the porch steps of a two story wodden house with a man and woman. Caption on reverse reads "John Burroughs Roxbury"
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