Been Here and Gone: African Americans at the Turn of the Century

Been Here and Gone: African Americans at the turn of the Century was an exhibit of 50 photographs by Clifton Johnson displayed in the Burnett Gallery at the Jones Library. The photographs show the everyday lives of African Americans in the South. Cynthia Packard, a faculty member in the Afro-American Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst printed the photographs from the original 4"x6" glass plate negatives, taken by Johnson on his trips around 1901-1902. The negatives are located in the Special Collections Department at the Jones. Johnson used many of these photographs in his books including Highways and Byways of the South, Highways and Byways of Florida, and Highways and Byways of the Mississippi, as well as two articles in The Outlook Magazine. Where possible, captions represent the exhibit title. Otherwise, the titles are Johnson's own.