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Postcard sent to Charles R. Green at The Jones Library from Robert Francis while Francis was traveling in Rome, Italy. Francis thanks Green for his bon voyage card, wishes him a happy new year, and reports that he has "found Frost in three libraries:…

Letter from the Rands (signed F.P.R. for Frank Prentice Rand) to Robert Francis sending Francis their best wishes before he travels to Italy.

Commercial blocks, Main Street.jpg
Main Street businesses from Cook's Block east to the Lincoln Building. Visible businesses include W. F. Aubuchon Co., Town House Restaurant, Douglass-Marsh Furniture, The Gift Nook, and Bosco Cleaners. The two businesses on the left side of the…

Photograph of Robert Frost and Charles R. Green, the first Director of the Jones Library, in the Library's Frost Room, which was dedicated in October of 1959.This room later became the Trustees' Room, and after that, the Goodwin Memorial Room.
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