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Letter from a fan asking if David Grayson was also Ray Stannard Baker, dated October 4, 1915

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Book titled 'The Art of Good Behaviour and Letter Writer on Love, Courtship, and Marriage: A complete Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen, particularly those who have not enjoyed the advantages of fashionable life. Containing directions for giving and…

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Book titled 'The Pocket Letter Writer embracing practical illustrations of Epistolary correspondence'

Letter from Joseph Stoddard Lathrop to Abigail Pomeroy's father in which Lathrop asks to continue courting Abigail.

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Letter from Abigail Pomeroy to Joseph Stoddard Lathrop dated May 24 1838 in which Abigail writes that she has been released from her engagement to "Dr. F" and expresses her wish to hear from Joseph.

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A Valentines card reading "a message to my Valentine / I'm grandly dressed, as you can see / and doubtless you agree with me / I cut a figure in good style / Therefore it may be worth your while" with a drawing of a young girl and boy in fine…

Letter written from Frederic Augustus Ferdinand Fitz Clarence Bonaparte Hobbs to Fanny Gridley professing his love on July 2nd 1840

Letter from David Wing to Hannah Davis, Montpelier, proposing marriage in 1791

Valentine's Day card sent by Hazel Goodale Bullock when she was a young girl (1910-1914). The card has the words "To my valentine" at the top and has a picture of a red heart with a young girl holding a gift and cards. At the bottom it reads "if I…

Postcard sent to Charles R. Green at The Jones Library from Robert Francis while Francis was traveling in Rome, Italy. Francis thanks Green for his bon voyage card, wishes him a happy new year, and reports that he has "found Frost in three libraries:…

Letter from the Rands (signed F.P.R. for Frank Prentice Rand) to Robert Francis sending Francis their best wishes before he travels to Italy.
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