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John L. Lovell’s home, on North Prospect Street, still stands. It is easily recognizable by its rounded dormer windows, in a Gothic Cottage style relatively rare to Amherst. A similar image, also captured by Lovell himself, exists in stereoscopic…

Photograph of the Dickinson Homestead.

img437 R.jpg
Photograph and newspaper article detailing the history of the old Kellogg house on North East Street, the house that became the first long term post office in Amherst. The story includes interesting tidbits including a description of the murals that…

Looking north toward Montague Road with North Congregational Church in the foreground.

Purchased by Amherst College in 1892, the Boltwood House was remodeled as a student dining hall and renamed Hitchcock Hall. It was razed in 1916 for the construction of Converse Memorial Library, now Converse Hall.

Looking up Memorial Hill from the sidewalk on the left with Seeleye G. Mudd building and Merrill Science Center visible on rim of slope at right.

St. Bridget's Church was the first Catholic church building in Amherst. It was home to the Catholic community in Amherst from 1871 to 1925. It was then used as a hall for a couple of years before being sold in 1927 and subsequently remodeled and…

View of a house beside a large elm tree and with adults and children posed outside. Written on back of photograph, "House on farm of C. G. Morehouse, Shays Street near Mill Valley. Left to right: Rev. Charles S. Walker, Alice Morehouse Walker,…

Old St. Bridget's Church (renamed St. Brigid's) on North Pleasant Street viewed during the process of remodeling. From 1925 to 1927 (after the new church building was constructed) it was called St. Brigid's Hall. It was then sold and remodeled into…

Lovell House.jpg
View of the house on North Prospect Street that was the residence of Amherst photographer John L. Lovell. It is Gothic Cottage style, rare in Amherst. According to the October 7, 1869 edition of the Hampshire Franklin Express, construction was…

Kellogg House.jpg
Kellogg House on the corner of North Pleasant Street and Kellogg Avenue, which is the site of the present Post Office. It was owned by William Kellogg who owned the Kellogg Block that burned in 1923. Written on back: "Sign on house says Dr. Barrett.…

The Fiske/Cutler house was located at the corner of North Pleasant Street and Cowles Lane. The house was razed for the construction of St. Brigid's Church.

Jones Library Whipple House.jpg
Photograph taken from in front of the Whipple House on North Pleasant Street. The Jones Library operations moved into this house two days after the disastrous fire that destroyed the Amherst House in December of 1926. The elliptical window (barely…

First Congregational Church Construction.jpg
Construction of the First Congregational Church on Main Street in the winter of 1867. This building was the fourth meetinghouse constructed by the congregation. Edward Dickinson (Emily's father) gave a speech at its dedication.

View of the house and yard at 37 Thayer Street. The house was built about 1927.
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