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Mt Pleasant Hill and Institute.jpg
Looking up Mount Pleasant Hill toward Mount Pleasant Institute. The hill is labeled "Nash Hill" on the photograph.

View west from Mt Pleasant.jpg
View toward the west from the top of Mount Pleasant, looking out over an orchard.

View of the house and yard at 37 Thayer Street. The house was built about 1927.

Looking east across Thayer Street toward houses on Ward Street. Two dogs sit on the grass in the foreground.

Early view down Amity Street with white picket fences along the sidewalks and showing houses on both sides of the street.

View on South Prospect Street showing fences along the dirt sidewalks.

View of a tree-lined dirt road with wagon tracks and fencing along the dirt sidewalks.

View north on North Pleasant Street with a horse and wagon on the road.

View of Main Street looking east, showing the William Austin Dickinson house and the Emily Dickinson house. People are standing on the sidewalk. This image shows the area near the current Sweetser Park.

View from the Grace Church Tower looking south over Boltwood Avenue, Spring Street, and the Town Common to Amherst College. Very clear winter scene showing a portion of the Town Common, Amherst College buildings, and fields and houses east of…

This street leads to East Amherst and Pelham. The portion shown here is bordered by parallel rows of elm trees, whose interlacing branches create an arch above the street. First Congregational Church is shown on the right.

This photograph shows Northampton Road looking west and showing the residences of Professors Neill and Cowles and another house on the east side of the street.

This brick building, located at the intersection of Shays and Middle Streets, and Pomeroy Lane, was once the South Amherst post office.

View of the center of North Amherst village on North Pleasant Street, which is unpaved.

View of houses on State Street in the Cushman area of North Amherst.
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