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Kids Room Before 1990s Addition.jpg
Judy Lincoln in the Children's Room of the Jones Library before the new 1990's addition.

Dancers performing in the (then) Burnett Gallery as part of music series in 1989.

Many children reading in the Children's Room at Jones Library

Child standing by an avocado plant at the Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "Sept. 26, 1973 Children's Room at the North Amherst Library is home to a flourishing avocado plant donated by Nanny Burack. This plant eventually made its way to…

Child standing in front of mittens and gloves hung in front of fireplace at Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "March 27, 1974 Gene Westbrooks surveys a group of lost mittens and gloves strung across the fireplace in Jones Library."

Ron'na J'Q Lytle as the Cat in the Hat during a children’s program called Seussology.

View of the busy children's room of the Jones Library when the library was located in the Amherst House hotel.

Child walking by the decorated Christmas tree in the Children's Room at the Jones Library. The bronze man sculpture is visible in the background.

While the Jones Library was housed at the Amherst House these children enjoyed story hour.
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