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A teacher stands outside the Hockanum schoolhouse looking at her pupils tossing snowballs between the schoolhouse and a storage building. Four boys make and toss snowballs while one girl runs towards the schoolhouse and a second girl stands watching.

Two boys putting on skates while on frozen pond on the meadow. Some trees and houses, belonging to Edward Johnson and Elliott Johnson, in the middleground and background.

Two children playing on the frozen Russell's Cove. One stands on the ice holding the rope of the sled behind, the other sitting on the sled on the shore beside a frozen cave and some bare trees. Russell's barn and Thayer's barn visible in theā€¦

Child standing in front of mittens and gloves hung in front of fireplace at Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "March 27, 1974 Gene Westbrooks surveys a group of lost mittens and gloves strung across the fireplace in Jones Library."

Mason A. Dickinson sits on a horse-drawn sleigh in Amherst.
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